Mission, Vision & Core Values

St. Mark Mission

To foster a vibrant faith community through worship and service.

St. Mark Vision

We are a courageous church, faithfully responding to our community with love, care, and grace.

St. Mark Core Values

Acceptance: We believe that Jesus offered grace and love to all who sought it and seek to model this radical welcome to our community.

Community: We understand that a church is planted, not simply for its members, but also for the people around it, and we seek to serve our community with intention.

Leadership: We seek to empower our members in their skills by encouraging them to serve the church and the community with their gifts.

Transformation: We know that worship and fellowship are experiences that cause us to grow, so we commit to these activities.

Proclamation: We understand the Gospel to be life-changing, and seek to share it broadly, as a beacon of light and hope.