Girlfriends Unlimited

Hi Girlfriends!

We are all looking forward to our adventure to the Made in America Store, the Marilla Country Store and

lunch afterwards at Franks Grill on Saturday, October 5th! As of this writing we have 30 people signed up! Sounds like fun time to me!

A reminder that our next meeting date is Tuesday November 5th @ 6:30PM in the side room off the church’s back door. Please consider joining us to bring your suggestions for next years events! Maybe somewhere you already have been to or somewhere you would like to visit. If you are unable to come but have an idea/ideas to share, please contact  Joyce Schultz, Sharon Arkins, Phyllis Phillips, Sue Clark or me, Melissa Jaeger. You won’t have to plan the event, (unless you would like to) just give us your suggestions as to where we can enjoy a fun afternoon together!!

Girlfriends Unlimited is an opportunity for women to engage in fellowship and build relationships. Women of all ages are welcome to join us as we grow in our faith and friendships with great activities throughout the year.

  • Focus of this ministry is to promote building relationships among members (active/inactive) and outreach to non-members especially those who may not know Jesus.
  • This is to be an inter-generational outreach fellowship.
  • Each One Bring One is the rationale for outreach.
  • Opportunity to invite women to engage in fellowship and build relationships
  • Non-members and friends are welcome to participate in group activities
  • To promote personal growth through faith, and to increase activity within the congregation while including inactive and non-member relationships.
  • All women are welcome (spouses may attend as they feel comfortable)