Dorcas Quilters & Stitchers

Dorcas Quilters and Stitchers

Our April deadline for delivery of Lutheran World Relief quilts seems to be closing in on us very quickly, especially since weather cancelled one of our weeks.  All of us seemed very anxious after that delay to get back into doing “our thing” again!  We have many beautiful quilt tops waiting to be “sandwiched” with batting and backing, sewing the overlapped bindings, then tying together.  If you have an interest in helping us with any of these steps, please try to visit us on a Thursday morning in the lower level of the church anytime between 10:30 and noon.  You can even “tie” them at home … helpful hands are always appreciated!!  Thank you for any effort you can give doing this ‘work’ for our Lord!
For further information about LWR quilting, check out LWR Quilters on Facebook.  Perhaps you will see our group pictured in the future!