Dorcas Quilters & Stitchers

Dorcas Quilters and Stitchers

Some of our utilitarian quilts were placed on the altar rail for our April 13/14 services.  Thank you, Pastor Keith, for blessing all our quilts heading to Lutheran World Relief warehouse on April 30.  Also thanks to everyone who has so generously donated fabrics, sheets and/or monies toward this important mission project.  Thrivent Financial also gives seed money to assist organizations … our thanks to them as well.
LWR Quilts in 2018 — 323,610 in total — went to 25 different countries in need.  This year we are adding 65 quilts to their total for 2019.  If you do Facebook online, LWRquilters will give you an insight of the many, many churches who participate in this endeavor showing happy faces and beautiful quilts!
Yes, it does warm our hearts, as well as the recipients in these many countries needing assistance due to poverty and/or conflict.  Won’t you please consider joining our group on Thursday mornings, 10:30am til about noon?  You, too, can then feel that warmth!